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I'm Paige

I can't tell you how over the MOON I am that you are at this step. The giddiness I feel when when a bride reaches out is an irreplaceable feeling that NEVER gets old. So thank you, truly!

My hopes are that you leave my page feeling excited, inspired, and confident in my heart + my work. The amount of times I have teared up during ceremonies is slightly embarrassing (hahaha) but a sweet, sweet reminder of how I am truly living my wildest DREAMS as a photographer.

I’m a girl driven by Jesus, chocolate chip cookies + milk, my obsession with cats, saying "LOOK AT THE MOON!!", and hopping in the car (or a plane) to tell stories that I get the absolute privilege of capturing through my love of photography. 

Most days you can find me drinking an oat milk latte, listening to pop or r&b, snuggling any cat I can find, and doing quite literally anything spontaneous with friends (the more random, out of the blue, the better)!! If there’s an Indian restaurant near by, I’m headed there immediately to order my all time favorite comfort food. I’m the CEO of wearing neutrals, being free spirited, and being the first one on the dance floor (yes, even at your reception). 

I spend most of my time in Tennessee but my bags are packed and my passport is ready to meet you on whatever land your story takes place. I'm ready when you are. And I'm rooting for you always.

A little about me

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heeeey there!!! I’m the gal behind the lens, and I’m so thankful you’re here.

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So let’s get to it! I do a mix of traditional weddings, destination weddings, and adventurous elopements. I love it ALL. Just let me know whatchu need me for & I’m thereee! 

My soul becomes ALIVE with couples, weddings, and elopements (obvi). But I’ve noticed what keeps my passion burning is doing a lil bit of errrrrthang. So whatever that may be, you have a story worth being told. And I want to be there to tell the world together. 

I make art by telling stories through images.

If i could give my experience with Paige 10 stars i absolutely would. i wanted to elope in a national park and take those dreamy pictures you see all over pinterest. but i also wanted to have a small intimate wedding with my family so i could still have all the getting ready pictures with my bridesmaids and my dad walking me down the aisle. let me tell you NOBODY understood the vision. until i met paige. we sat down at a coffee shop and i said “i know this is crazy but…” and she said “let me stop you right there!” and the rest is history. she made me feel so beautiful in front of the camera and as a typically insecure person that is so huge. if i knew what i wanted she totally understood what i meant and captured it and if i had no idea she filled in the gaps. she is so so talented. she made everything so easy. traveling with her was easy. doing business with her was easy. and most importantly she’s become such an incredible friend that i’m so glad i met and asked to take my pictures. we had so much fun traveling to the mountains i was sad when she left my husband and i. and i was supposed to be on my honeymoon! i’m so glad i booked with her and you will be too!!

 -Elizabeth Robertson

Y’all I cannot recommend Paige Ramage Photography enough!! She did our engagement photos, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception photos. Every single one FAR exceeded my expectations and ridiculously specific vision. She was even able to work with my husband who does not love having his picture taken with ease! Not to mention all of our groomsmen, the children, and grandparents. Basically our whole group does not love having their photo taken, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON made sure to personally tell us how awesome our photographer was! Everything was such an ease for us which is exactly what you want on your big day. Even our other vendors were asking for pictures to be sent to them because they just loved her work that much! Even when it was -20° shooting our engagement photos, she still made it fun and easy and quick!! 1000000 / 10 recommend!!!

-Ashley Sealy

Paige surpassed everything I ever imagined for my wedding photos. 🤍 I am so relieved that she caught so many happy (sometimes tearful) memories. They’re beautiful, I feel beautiful, Adam’s a smoke show, like wow..
Even with all the rain, every single picture is clear and right on par with her vibe that I fell in love with her photos for. She is a miracle worker. You’d think we had perfect lighting the whole time from these photos (it rained all day). I’m shook by how well they turned out… I can’t thank her enough. She literally climbed in a river for me. I love her.

 -Ryan Richards

Paige has been the most amazing photographer and friend from day one. She has always cared so much about not only making sure we have the best photos, but also truly cares about her relationship with the clients she has. She has gone above and behind to help me make sure outfits are perfect and even helped me plan a lot of my wedding. Most photographers don’t go above and beyond like she has! I will wait weeks/months for her to take pictures rather than using anyone else because I know she will always provide the best content and that she truly cares about me.

 -Shelby Pafford

I like to call them love letters..

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